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Hello everyone !

Today I’m coming to you with the list of books that I’ve read in the first 6 months of 2020. So excited to share this with you 😁 !
As I told you in a past article, there is a golden rule “Quality over quantity”.
I didn’t read 30 or 50 books because I can’t find time between the online coursescourses, my thesis, preparing articles, reading articles, and following the news. On the other hand, the topic of each book interests me.
Anyways, my books of this year offer different topics: environment issues, political problems, racism…

How I usually choose my books ?

* By topics:
You should ask yourself firstly what are the topics that you are interested in, what you really like !
You shouldn’t be guided by the taste of others and the opinion of others. Also, I think that you shouldn’t be limited to the bestseller lists or the latest published books.
* By genre:
You should discover your taste in reading : the style you like (poems, theatrical plays…), the characterization : which characters do you prefer ? You will understand that through how the characters treated by the author.
After that, you should thinking about your favourite stories (books, movies, plays), you will comprehend your genre : narrative, descriptive… (See more about the list of genres).
*By language:
The language is very important for me. I choose to read books in French and articles in English, in the first part of 2020, and I will switch in the second part of 2020 to read books in English and articles in french . Both of them interests me, and I wanna be fluent in them. So you can read to learn new words, to ameliorate your level in a language and it’s really a good idea.

In this step, what to do ?

Here you can prepare a list of books that you will read them (after seeing some reviews on internet, I use Goodreads app, and after reading the covers of course)

Use your agenda to do an approximative plan: a timetable in which you fix the time needed for each book. You can use some planner apps like to do list (available on Android play store), but I prefer writing this planner by myself on my tablet notes or on my manual agenda.

You can also use some online forums like to choose which book to read next, and there are many groups on social media about reading and books you can follow them.

My reading list: (Ps: all of them in French)
1/ “Le poète et son rêve : la vie de Paul Dunbar “* Author: Jean Gould * Transtalted by: Richard Overstreet/ 1958:
Simple and easy french/ autobiography/ interessting topic : racism/ Number of pages: 226.

2/ “Le pouvoir et la vie: choisir” *Author: Valéry Giscard d’Estaing/ 2006: autobiography+ political science/simple & easy french/ interesting informations to understand “the behind of the scenes”/ Number of pages: 509

3/ “Les aventures du jeune Indiana Jones: révolution” *Adapted by : Gavin Scott : based on a movie * Story of: George Lucas/ 1993: aventures+history / Very easy to read/ amusing/ Number of pages: 126

4/ “Le dernier jour d’un condamné” *Author: Victor Hugo/2000 :
Legal + historical vocab/ interesting topic and story/ Number of pages: 278

5/ “Theodore Roosevelt” *Author: Reine Silbert/1992:
Autobiography+ adventures/ Number of pages: 209

6/”Le développement durable” * Author: Sylvie Brunel/ 2012:
Interesting topic: sustainable development & environment/ easy to read/ Number of pages: 122

7/ “Le désenchantement du monde: une histoire politique de la religion” *Author: Marcel Gauchet/ 1985:
Religions+ philosophy/ Very interesting book/ Number of pages: 357

8/ “La personnalité” *Author: Jean-Claude Filloux/ 1996:
Psychlogy+ philosophy/ Number of pages: 124

Total number of pages: 1951.

I hope that you find these infos useful for you, and my books inspireful. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any question or additional information. I will be more than happy to discuss with you !
Love you 💜

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A Tunisian law student* legal writer* book lover* multilingual. And yeah, sometimes my name is Amel!

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