Why book reviews are important ?


Hello everyone !

Today, let’s talk together about book reviews.

Book reviews helps the reader and the writer to educate himself as much information as possible pertaining to the topic chosen. This will be both assist the learning process, and it will also help make the writing as strong as possible by knowing some knowledge in prior research.

Book reviews demonstrate to readers that the author has a firm understanding of the topic. This provides credibility to the author and integrity to his work.
Book reviews are important for authors, readers and especially students :

1/ For authorsauthors : that helps them to know the expectations of the readers who are the consumers, increase sales, understand what the readers want, get a constructive feedbacks…
2/ For students: it’s easier to find the book you need in your researches.
3/ For readers: get a general idea of the book.

That’s true that not all the bestsellers which have a positive reviews means that are helpful or are the BEST books, but that’s good to know what others read, and thinks even for the libraries… That means knowing different point of views and learn us diversity.

For me, it’s important to learn the children how to write a book review. It promotes the idea of critical reading: evaluating every single information presented to them is a valuable skill.

How to write a book review ?
These are my tips to know how to write a book review inspired by a teacher of the course “Global comparative politics” (University of Siena), which are adaptable with any type of books for me :

1/ What the book is about (main topic/ issue).
2/ The expertise of the author(s).
3/ How well the book covers its topic(s) and whether it breaks new ground.
4/ The author’s viewpoint, methodology, or perspective.
5/ The appropriateness of the evidence to the topical scope of the book.
6/ The intended audience.
7/ The arrangement of the book (chapters, illustrations) and the quality of the scholarly apparatus, such as notes and bibliographies.

Finally, I hope that you find this article helpful for you. Don’t hesitate to leave your opinion, to share with me your experience 👇.
All my love đź’ž

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