Memory n°1: Elba island


2019 was for me a year full of new challenges, new friendships and new discoveries.
OK! Let’s share with you a memory about this trip to Elba.

One year ago, I chose to go onto an Erasmus program. It’s a great european exchange program that gives you the opportunity to know yourself, your skills and your integration capacity. Also, to met people from all over the world 🌍. (P.S: I will give you more details about the whole experience of Erasmus in another article 💗). 

Among those people, I met a French girl in Siena my host city. She was in an internship in another city close to me. I find her cool, and she proposed to spend a week-end together, discovering tuscanese cities and Elba island. She planned for everything and of course I accepted.
In this day (1st of June 2019), the adventure began.
In the morning, i went to Piombino.
Piombino is a town in the province of Livorno. Close to the beach and to Elba island. The atmosphere was magnificent in this city, the sounds, the people, contemplated to the sunset in the port☀…

download (5) *Photo of Piombino from Google.
We did the hotel check-in and we went to take the ferry to Elba island.
Elba is a Mediterranean island, 10 kilometers from the town of Piombino.

This island had a great history, the most famous that the French emperor Napoleon was exiled there for almost one year.
I enjoyed the beach 🌊, street markets, the food of course 😁 and especially the Fortezza Medicea of Elba where I enjoyed the panoramic view.
If you are an islands lover you can go to Elba, in a couple or with friends you will surely enjoy it. You can enjoy also, the beauty of Piombino and Follonica city.

download (6) * Photo of Follonica from Google.


WAIT ! Funny stuffs are coming 😎

You know that you can’t go to a trip without:
– Forgetting something ( I forgot my towel )
– Getting lost ( you can’t use your phone because you forget your charger)
– Taking a taxi at the end of the day because you are tired 😔
– Spend more than your planned budget and the list still long.

If you have visited Elba before, don’t hesitate to share your story with me ! 😍

Italy for me, a must-visited country and Elba island too. I really miss that days and the joy for life of Italian people !
I hope that I can visit it again after the Covid-19 ends ✈.
May god bless Italy !
Love you 💜


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