Confession n°1 : Choosing your own path !

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I realize now in this step of my life, that society tells us what kind of family we should have, when to get engaged or when to marry, which places we should visit, which books we should read, which outfits we should wear, which pictures we should post on social media, which partner we should choose, and how much money will make us to call ourselves happy. I grew up in the environment where people are being thought how to live their lives. New technologies helps to create stereotypes, to divide people into two categories: influencers and followers.

Followed by my dreams I was creating my life step by step and this is the moment I feel ready for a new period to come, for a new experience and why not new thoughts. Always curious to learn from everything (books, friends, movies…) because I am convinced that every simple thing in life happens for a reason.

Despite all of that, I think that we would have time to find ourselves and discover the world as soon as we finish school, the college, then after getting work experience, marriage, having children…
I beleive that discovering ourselves is the most important thing in life.

I keep always asking myself: is this my real life?
Then I answer: what if I try to live it differently, what if I try something new, what if I try to live it on my own way, according to my own values.
Oneday, I read on instagram an epic quote saying that: “you are gonna piss off a lot of people when you start doing what’s best for you”.
That’s it : choose your own path, just choose YOURSELF!

What means success for you? What’s happiness for you?
I will be more than happy if you share your opinions with me.
All my love.

Published by amal.haouas

A Tunisian law student* legal writer* book lover* multilingual. And yeah, sometimes my name is Amel!

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